Global Programs

Working to provide access to quality seed, facilitating seed trade, and promoting the growth and development of the seed industry are important missions of the Seed Science Center's Global Programs. In the past 20 years, center scientists have designed and conducted projects in more than 80 countries around the world to achieve these goals.

Global Programs efforts have included policy and regulatory harmonization in phytosanitary measures, plant variety protection, variety evaluation and registration, seed certification, and development of national seed laws. In addition, center scientists working with the program have created 10 process management manuals that serve as definitive resource materials on seed and biosafety policies and regulation.

Recent program activities have included development of a Seed Enterprise Management Institute (SEMIs) in Kenya, establishment of the West Africa Seed Alliance (WASA), and the harmonization of seed policy in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Scientists also facilitate international training and workshops designed to enhance seed policy and to educate and provide assistance to stakeholders at all levels of the seed industry. The SSC currently conducts training to build the capacity of countries in Africa and Asia to develop and apply agricultural biotech to address food security concerns.  

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