Undergraduate Scholarships

Iowa Seed Association Scholarships

SSC partners with the Iowa Seed Association to provide scholarships for students enrolled in ISU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Each year, scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exemplary character, high academic records, leadership skills and promise for a career in the seed industry. For the next round of review, students are encouraged to apply by January 24, 2025.  Email completed application forms to Dr. Susana Goggi, chair of the Scholarship Selection Committee (  (2024 ISA scholars pictured.)

David Lambert "Hunger Fighter" Scholarship

The David Lambert “Hunger Fighter” Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 is open to sophomore and junior students in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (including Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering) with an interest in seed science, global food security, and/or child nutrition.

David Lambert was a distinguished fellow of Iowa State University’s Seed Science Center. He founded and served as principal of Lambert and Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs firm that provides strategic policy advice on issues related to food safety, biotechnology, child nutrition, and global food security. An internationally recognized expert in global food security, Lambert was a passionate advocate of the fight against world hunger, the thrust of the World Food Prize, which he avidly promoted. This scholarship was established through contributions from his family and friends who wish to honor his memory.

Students are encouraged to complete the application form and submit it by 5pm Friday, September 27, 2024, to Dr. Susana Goggi, chair of the Scholarship Selection Committee (

2015 ASTA Scholars

Undergraduate American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) Convention Scholarship

Undergraduate ASTA Conference Scholarships are awarded to Iowa State University students with a desire to enhance their interest in seed science and the seed industry. Recipients receive an all-expenses paid trip to one of three ASTA conferences (Crops, Flower and Vegetable, or Leadership) where they have the opportunity to network with seed industry professionals.  Contact for more info.

The Manjit Misra Outstanding Senior Scholarship is an annual award of $500 given each year to a student who demonstrates a desire to continue his/her education in Seed Science or a related discipline. The award is made possible by an anonymous gift in honor of Manjit Misra, who joined the SSC in 1979 as a seed conditioning specialist and served as its director for 32 years. Recipients are expected to exhibit exemplary character and promise for a career in Seed Science. 

The Lisa Shepherd Jenkins Memorial Scholarship is an award of $1,000 given annually to a student with an interest in seed health testing. The scholarship came about when SSC, the American Phytopathological Society, the American Seed Trade Association, and the Jenkins family partnered to establish a fundraising initiative to honor the memory of former SSC seed pathologist Lisa Shepherd Jenkins. She directed the Administrative Unit of the NSHS and coordinated seed health testing at the Center. A strong advocate of Seed Science and the seed industry, Lisa’s life was cut short at the age of 43 following a brief battle with a very rare disease.

The Bill Latham Memorial Scholarship is an annual award of $1,000 given to a student who show great promise to be a seed leader following the example of Bill Latham after whom the scholarship was named. Bill Latham took over the presidency of Latham Seeds Inc. following the passing of his father, Willard, who founded the company. Under his leadership, the company grew to become one of the most successful soybean seed producers and marketers in the upper soybean belt, with a dealer organization in seven North Central states.


Graduate Fellowships

The Edda G. Sehgal Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Seed Science was established to provide fellowships to M.S. or Ph.D. students from India, Nepal or Bhutan who plan to focus their studies on plant seed science. This award is made possible by a gift from the Sehgal Foundation, a rural development NGO whose mission is to strengthen community-led development initiatives to achieve positive social, economic, and environmental change across rural India and South Asia.

The Iowa Seed Association Graduate Fellowship Endowment was established to support students who have a research emphasis on seed-related topics. The ISA advocates for Iowa’s seed industry by offering education opportunities and conducting outreach initiatives, influencing legislation and regulation, promoting research and sustainability, and developing diverse seed professionals.

Corteva Agriscience Graduate Fellowship in Seed Science is an endowed fellowship intended to support students pursuing a research agenda in the seed sciences. Recipients must have a research emphasis in seed-related topics and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Preference is given to students who, through their experiences, activities, and academic work will contribute to student body diversity.

Bayer Graduate Fellowship in Global Seed Policy and Regulations is awarded to a graduate student with a research emphasis in global or domestic seed policy and regulation. Preference is given to those whose policy and/or regulation work focuses specifically on the protection of intellectual property. When applicants with seed policy research emphasis compete under selection for this support, preference is given to minority students.

The Leroy and Barbara Everson Fellowship in Seed Science is awarded each year to a student with a research emphasis in a seed-related topic, particularly those whose research work promises to improve and/or standardize seed testing methodology. This award is made possible by a gift from the family of Leroy and Barbara Everson. Leroy Everson spent over 30 years at ISU as a seed scientist and served as SSC Director until his retirement in 1980. He was a recognized leader in standardizing and improving seed testing methodologies worldwide.

Iowa Crop Improvement Association Fellowship in Seed Science is intended to support students as they manage their works in seed research, education, and business. It was made possible by a gift from the ICIA, a non-profit organization that has been designated by the Iowa Legislature as the state’s official seed certifying agency. ICIA is composed of member companies and individuals working in the seed industry and advancing seed and crop improvement.

The Committee for Agriculture Development Fellowship is intended to attract and retain young leaders and prepare them for leadership roles in the seed industry. CAD, located in Ames, provides foundation seed of germplasm developed at ISU. Its mission is to produce seed originating from the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station (IAHEES), distribute germplasm and other research products to the public, and acquire and maintain adequate land for current and future unspecified needs of IAHEES and CALS.

For information about eligibility criteria, application requirements, and the application process for graduate fellowships, please go to