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Seeds in Shape of World

A Global Center of Excellence in Seed Science, Technology, and Systems

The Seed Science Center at Iowa State University provides a focus for teaching, research, and extension programs on seeds in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. 

Housed in the Seed Science Center, the Seed Laboratory at Iowa State University has provided accurate, professional seed testing services to the seed industry for more than 100 years. It annually performs tests on tens of thousands of seed samples, making it one of the world's largest seed testing programs. The Seed Lab tests corn, soybeans, and more than 300 other species of seeds for more than 350 different pathogens.

The center engages more than 135 faculty, affiliated faculty, staff, and students in cutting edge research to support ten program areas. They include: seed pathology, seed physiology, global seed programs, seed testing, curriculum development, seed conditioning, biosensing and information technology, risk management, seed health, and molecular quality assurance.


The mission of the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University is to improve production, quality assurance, marketing, utilization, and regulatory environment of seed through research, testing, teaching, outreach, and international programs.


The Seed Science Center at Iowa State University will be the global center of excellence in seed science, seed technology, and seed systems.


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