Seeds! The Diversity of Wonder

Available for download and viewing Fall 2019!

Join Iowa State University Seed Science Center on a journey around the world to  discover the grand collaboration between nature and humanity to feed, clothe, and beautify the world! This six-part series film was developed to engage and inspire youth, the public, and the policy makers on the beauty and value of seeds to society. This film was made possible by a financial gift from an anonymous donor. 


      Part 6 - A day without seeds   

Part 1: The Seed Artist

Seeds travel the world by wind, water, birds and many other ways.  These designs for travel can be surprisingly intricate.  Artist and photographer Robert Llewellyn is fascinated with seeds.  So much so , he has turned his talent and camera to capturing the art of seeds and their dispersion.




Part 2: The Seed Pioneers

Each October presidents, prime ministers, cabinet officials, and other dignitaries from around the world travel to Des Moines, Iowa for an event which honors the fundamental of life: food.   The World Food Prize was started by Norman Borlaug, an Iowa farm boy who is credited with saving millions of lives by helping farmers around the globe increase their yields through improved seeds. 



Part 3: Let Seed be Thy Medicine

In Zambia, white maize is eaten in every meal.  But while it grows well in the region, it lacks the key nutrient, vitamin A.  A deficiency of this essential nutrient has left over half the population with  weak immune systems, stunted growth, and night blindness.  This has led scientists to explore how breeding this vitamin into the seed used by the Zambians could help end what is known as “hidden hunger.” 



Part 4: A Day Without Seeds

Imagine a day without seeds.  That day would not start with cotton sheets on your bed, or a steaming hot cup of coffee.  Both of those begin with seeds. From fuel to food, our society is dependent on seeds in many ways you may not even realize.  A Day Without Seeds is the Bronze winner of the 2019 Telly Awards.


Part 5: The Seed Bank

An intricate network of seed vaults exist around the globe to ensure the continuation of plant life and to preserve the genetic material of seeds.  We’ll take you on a journey that spans from the “doomsday” vault deep under the surface of a Norwegian island, to the “Fort Knox” of seeds in Colorado, to the Plant Introduction Station in Ames, Iowa



Part 6: The Seeds of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Predesh is home to over 200 different crops.  Farmers are the lifeblood of this region.  A good crop starts with good seed.  That is why the government has made access to quality seed a top priority.  The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has partnered with Iowa State University to build a huge seed research and production facility that will be known as the “Mega Seed Park"



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David Patterson Lambert pictured on the left

This film is dedicated to the life and legacy of David Patterson Lambert (pictured on the right)

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