Conditioning Equipment


As a result of agreements with seed industry equipment suppliers, the Seed Science Center conditioning facility prides itself in offering training opportunities using state-of-the-art conditioning equipment. The center makes it a priority to offer training using the most widely installed equipment on the market; technology that individuals will encounter in the industry.

Pilot Plant Equipment:

Bulk receiving & handling machinery

Crippen H-434 air screen cleaner

Oliver 212 Size-Right sizer

Carter-Day 1VT sizers

Carter-Day #3 Uniflow indent cylinders

Carter-Day 24” fractionating aspirator

Amos dual core conventional spiral separator

Profile Industries single core rotary spiral separator

Harada dual slope belt separator

Oliver GVX-1020 PLC-based gravity separator

Forsberg 40V & TKV-25 vacuum gravity separators

Heid GA-30 and LMC 241 gravity separators

Satake ScanMaster II IE-200 and DE-200 color sorters 

Buhler/Sortex Z+V color sorter

Gustafson GLCPS treater components

Express Scale 5GV bagging scale

Fischbein portable sewing machine

Laboratory Equipment:

Westrup LA-H brushing machine

AEC roller concave ear corn sheller

Moisture meters and air oven dryer

Custom stacked tray dryers

Portable riffle divider

Perforated hand screens

Strand model P & AEC TSV-90 screen shakers

Test weight apparatus

Bench and platform scales

Carter-Day closed circuit Duo-Aspirator

Westrup LA-LS air screen cleaner

Profile Industries lab static spiral separator

Carter-Day rotary batch sizer

Carter-Day batch indent cylinder

Westrup spiral & LA-BS belt separator

Sutton & Steele gravity separator

IMD and Seedburo vibratory seed counters

Dubois high speed pneumatic seed counter

OptiCount laboratory imaging seed counter

Hege model 11 batch seed treater

Gustafson BMC automatic batch treater

Quantachrome MPY-1 micropycnometer

SUET 601 830/17 laboratory fluidized column dryer