Dr. Yuh-Yuan Shyy

Scientist, IT Specialist, Senior Engineer

Yuh-Yuan Shyy is the senior engineer and IT manager at the SSC. Shyy’s research focus is in
software development and engineering. In the area of software development he has focused on
database design for seed testing data integration, data mining techniques and tools development
for predicting future and budget planning, office automation for data management, and
human/machine interface development to streamline day-to-day tasks and speed up information
retrieval and process performance metrics. In the area of engineering his research has focused on
seed conditioning plant automation for corn and soybeans using single machine based and whole
processing line integration, PLC and single board computer-based process control and
automation for seed plants, sensor development for measuring seed/grain flow in real time,
computer image processing and analysis to determine seed/grain quality, ultrasound technology
to determine seed quality by non-destructive and real time, SPR (surface plasmon resonance)
sensor development to detect targeted antigen. And biosensor development by using laser and
optic technology at nano- meter scale. Much of this research led to the development of many
tools for the seed industry that have been patented for Iowa State University.

Area of Expertise: 
IT Specialist
Senior Engineer
Ph.D. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Power & Machinery at Iowa State University
B.S. in Agricultural Engineering and Machinery at National Taiwan University
153 Seed Science, 2115 Osborn Drive