Dr. Manjit K Misra

Professor Emeritus
Manjit Misra


Educational Background

University of Missouri, Columbia. Agricultural Engineering, PhD, 1978

University of Missouri, Columbia, Agricultural Engineering, M.S. 1973 

University of Agriculture & Technology, Orissa, India. (Agricultural Engineering), B.Sc. 1971

Research Interests

To develop/apply new and emerging technologies (ultrasound, computer vision, microelectronics and molecular techniques etc.) for quality evaluation of biological products. To analyze the risks and benefits associated with modified plant and animal products for food and non-food applications.

Professional Positions

Seed Science Endowed Chair

Director, Global Food Security Consortium

Dean's Chair of Distinction in Agriculture & Life Sciences, 2008-

Director, Seed Science Center, Iowa State University, 1991 present

Founding Director, Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products (BIGMAP), ISU, 2002-Present 

Director, Institute for Food Safety and Security, Iowa State University, 2005-2008

Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University


Research Associate, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, 1978-79

Research Assistant, University of Missouri, Columbia, 

Professional Service

—Scientific Advisory Council, American Seed Research Foundation, 1991-present
—Board of Directors, Iowa Seed Association, 1991-Present
—Board of Directors, Iowa Crop Improvement Association, 1993-present
—Editorial Board, “Seed World,” 2002-06
—Moderator Farmer-to-Farmer Roundtable, World Food Prize Symposium, 2006-07

Awards, Honors, Recognitions

—Seed Science Endowed Chair
—Dean’s Chair of Distinction in Agriculture & Life Sciences
—Order of the Knoll Faculty and Staff Award
—Distinguished Service Award, American Seed Trade Association, for Leadership, Vision, and Exemplary Service to the U.S. Seed Industry
—Honorary Member, Iowa Seed Association, 2007
—Plaque of appreciation for contribution to the formation of the National Seed Health System, American Seed Trade Association
—Plaque of appreciation and $25,000 for graduate student support for acting as Program Chair of Soybean Seed Research Conference, American Seed Trade Association Convention
—"Manjit Misra Outstanding Senior Award in Seed Science" established by a donor
—Certificate of Excellence and four blue ribbons from the American Society of Agronomy for “Development of Outstanding Educational Materials Contest”
—Superior Engineering Extension Award, College of Engineering, ISU
—Engineer of the Year, Iowa Section, American Society of Agricultural Engineers
—Excellence in Research and Extension Award, Iowa State University

Selected Publications (Total 136)

1. Wolt, J.D., Y Shyy, P, Chrisensen KS Dormin, M Misra. (2005), Quantitative Exposure Assessment for Confinement of Maize Biogenic Systems.  Environmental Biosafety Research, EDP Sciences http://www.edpsciences.org/10.1051/ebr:2005004

2. Rukunudin, I.H., Bern, C.J., Misra, M.K., and Bailey, T.B. 2004. Carbon Dioxide Evolution from Fresh and Preserved Soybeans. Transactions of the ASAE, Vo. 47(3):827-833. 

3. Adam K, M. Misra and D. Thoreson. (2003) Removal of Ergot from Barley by Density Separation, Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Vol. 20(1):39-43 

4. Steenhoek, L., Misra, M., Batchelor, W., Davidson, J.2001. Probabilistic Neural Network for Segmentation of Features in Corn Kernel Images. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Vol. 17(2): 225-234 

5. Walcott, R., Misra, M., and D. McGee. 1998. Detection of asymptomatic fungal infections of soybean seeds using ultrasound analysis. Plant Disease, vol. 82, #5, pp 584-589.

U. S. Patents 

Y, Shyy and M. Misra, “Method of measuring flow rate of flowable material under continuous flow conditions, and an in-line continuous flow meter”. U.S. patent # 10/883,289, 2005. 

Y, Shyy and M. Misra, “Method of measuring flow rate of particulate material under continuous flow conditions, and an in-line continuous flow meter”. U.S. patent # 10/336,256, 2004 

Misra, M. and Y. Shyy. Acoustic and Video Imaging System for Quality Determination of Pharmaceutical Products. U.S. Patent #4,422,831, 1995. 

Misra, M. and Y. Shyy. Acoustic and video Imaging System for Quality Determination of Agricultural Products. U.S. patent #5,309,374, May, 1994. 

Misra, M. and Y. Shyy. "Methods and Means for Gravity Table Automation." U.S. patent #5,024,334, 1991

Misra, M. and Y. Shyy. "Automation of an Air-Screen Cleaner." U.S. Patent #4,991,721, 1990.

Area of Expertise: 
Seed Science Technology
Seed Systems
Global Food Biosafety and Biotechnology