NGRAC Committee Meets in Kansas City

NGRAC Meeting

The National Genetics Resources Advisory Council (NGRAC) met in Kansas City in July.

Seed Science Center Manjit Misra has served as chair of the council since being appointed by former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack in 2012. His second term ends in 2017.

During Misra’s tenure, the Council has authored nine recommendations for submission to the Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21) and has examined  issues such as crop genetic vulnerability, animal genetics conservation, aquatic genetic efforts in the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), genetic resources, and tribal issues.

As part of their efforts, an NGRAC Crop Vulnerability Subcommittee was formed to recommend methods to enhance baseline crop genetic vulnerability data. In addition, an Animal Genetics Subcommittee was also created to provide opportunities for animal and aquatic genetic resources.

Re-established in 2012 as a permanent subcommittee of the NAREEE Advisory Board, the NGRAC formulates recommendations on actions and policies for the collection, maintenance, and utilization of genetic resources; makes recommendations for coordination of genetic resources plans of several domestic and international organizations; and advises the Secretary of Agriculture and the National Genetic Resources Program of new and innovative approaches to genetic resources conservation. 

Iowa Seed & Biosafety News —10/01/17