ISU SSC Seed Lab Manager Honored for Service

SCST Meritorious Service Award Presented to Mike Stahr by Brent Reschly

The Iowa State University (ISU) Seed Science Center (SSC) Seed Lab Manager recently was  recognized for his service to the seed industry.  Mike Stahr was awarded the Meritorious Service Award from the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists (SCST).  SCST  President, Heidi Larson said the award is given to a member for their service in the promotion and dedication of SCST.  Stahr is currently on the SCST Executive Board and served on the Board previously from 2008-2011.  He is  past President of  AOSA (Association of Official Seed Analysts), having  served as President  twice.  Stahr has served SCST and AOSA in a number of  other capacities.

“The SCST merit award was started in 1965 and Mike is the 78th recipient,” Larson said.  “Mike was chosen for this award because of all the committees he has served on with SCST and his dedication to promote SCST and its high standards.”

SCST is an organization of professional seed technologists dedicated to research, proficiency and improvement in seed testing from private, and company laboratories across the United States.

SCST originated in 1922, largely as a liaison between AOSA and The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA).

Stahr was also awarded by the Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA), the sister organization to SCST, with their merit award in 2015.  He says he feels honored and humbled by the recognition.

“I am happy that the award was given to me for doing what I love – teaching and assisting with workshops, our hosting exams, and being active in SCST and AOSA,” Stahr said.

The award would have normally been presented to Stahr at the SCST/AOSA annual meeting, but the event was cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Instead, it was presented to Stahr by Brent Reschly, a former Seed Lab student worker who is an active member in the leadership of SCST and active in the seed industry.

Mike has worked at the ISU SSC Seed Lab since 1979 and was hired as Manager in 2007.  He and the ISU Seed Lab staff have mentored hundreds of student workers and made a profound impact on the ISU Seed Lab and the entire seed industry.  Many of Mike’s former students are now serving significant roles throughout the agriculture industry.

Mike Stahr receives SCST Award