Boost Your Seed Career and Knowledge with ISU-SSC Workshops!

Save-the-Date for 2020 Seed Quality Workshops

Seed Conditioning Specialist Alan Gaul and Seed Lab Manager Mike Stahr facilitate Seed Science Center short courses and workshops for seed industry professionals around the world each year from January through August. (Dates listed to the right) This year a total of 12 workshops and short courses covering topics from seed testing and cleaning, to gravity separation, color sorting, and seed treatment.

According to Gaul, one highlight of this the workshops series is the Seed Treatment Workshop in mid-July. "We had an opportunity to hold the workshop in the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center for the first time," said Gaul. "Because there was basically no limitation on the amount or size of the machinery that we used for demonstrations, that workshop was an extremely effective and enjoyable one. We hope to be able to use that venue again in the future."

The Seed Science Center at Iowa State has provided training for seed industry professionals for more than 42 years. Seed Industry professionals have traveled all over the U.S. and the world, including Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, the U.S., and Zambia to attend seed conditioning and quality workshops at Iowa State. Click here to learn more about Seed Conditioning Workshops.

Don't Miss the 2020 Seed Analyst Short Courses

In 2020, the Seed Science Center will once again offer three Seed Analyst Short Courses. (Dates listed to the right)

Attendees of Germination Week have the opportunity to evaluate seedlings from 16 species of seeds, and conduct tetrazolium testing on four species.

Purity Week focuses on methods to distinguish the many seed species that analysts may potentially encounter when conducting mechanical purity tests or noxious weed exams. Hands-on work was also offered.

On Friday of both weeks, a respective Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) and Society of Commercial Seed Technologists (SCST) consolidated exam was given to participants. Written and practical components of the exams reflect the knowledge and abilities of each analyst, and eventually lead to certification as an RST (Registered Seed Technologist) or a CSA (Certified Seed Analyst).

This year the Seed Science Center will also host the he Society of Commercial Seed Technologists Genetic Testing Super Workshop.  This is held every other year and is the equivalent of five individual workshops in one week. The dates are February 3-6, 2020. The workshop is targeted towards those preparing to take the Genetic Technologist exams (RGT, CGT), individuals looking for a refresher course, and those beginning in this field. Workshops include lecture, hands-on activities, and materials to take home. Time will also be spent discussing preparing for the exams, genetic testing issues, new technology, training resources, and sources of information for testing products. 

For more information about these Seed Science Center training opportunities click here.