African Family Harvesting Soybeans

BIGMAP Mission

The Biosafety Institute for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products (BIGMAP) provides science-based analysis of the risks and benefits of genetically modified plant and animal products. It also provides guidance and education to help safeguard consumers and the environment.


BIGMAP will be recognized as an unbiased and credible source of information on biosafety issues for genetically modified products nationally and internationally.

The Institute will provide guidance and recommendations to appropriate policy and regulatory groups, private entitites, and the public so that the best decisions can be made about genetically modified agricultural products (GMAPs) to safeguard the public and the environment. The Institute will be the developer and the clearing house of credible information on GMAPs worldwide. 

The Institute will examine societal impact by including social, economic, and environmental issues of GMAPs. BIGMAP will enhance the education of students in risk and benefit analysis for successful careers in agricultural and food systems and the bioeconomy.

BIGMAP Brochure

For more information contact bigmap@iastate.edu