2010 Annual Symposium Audio Presentations

Food, Feed, and Fuel for the World: Seed and Biotechnology

2010 Annual Symposium | April 27-28, 2010 | Gateway Hotel & Conference Center | Ames, IA 

2010 Program (pdf)

Session 1 Tuesday April 27 1:30-3:00 (Audio MP3)

  • Introduction, Session: Jeff Wolt
  • ​Jack Bobo: “Agriculture Arrives Late to the Climate Debate”
  • Sally McCammon: “Overview and Activities of the OECD with Respect to Low Level Presence”)

Session 1 Tuesday April 27 3:00-5:00 pm (Audio MP3)

  • Bernice Slutsky—“Private Sector’s Efforts and Responsibilities Regarding Low Level Presence” ,
  • Delphine Guey—"A European Perspective on Challenges and Issues for Seed Trade”)
    Panel Discussion

Session 2 Wednesday April 28 8:30-10:22 am (Audio MP3) 

  • Introduction: Manjit MisraJoe Colletti, Bruce Maunder 
  • Joe De Vries—“Seed Enterprise Development Challenges: Africa”
  • Arjula Reddy—“The Crop Biotechnology Pipeline in India”

Session 2  Wednesday April 28 10:22- Noon  (Audio MP3) 

  • Introduction: Bruce Maunder
  • Christopher Hansen—“Regional Needs for Seed Trade: Latin America”
  • Yilma Kebede—“The Role of Foundations in Global Agricultural Development”

Luncheon Speaker:

David Lambert, BIGMAP Distinguished Fellow (Audio MP3)—"The Human Face of Science: A Challenge for Agricultural Research in Advancing Global Food Security” 

Session 3 Wednesday April 28 1:30-3:40 pm (Audio MP3) 

  • Introduction: Adelaida Harries 
  • Joe Cortes—“Seed System Development”
  • Cris Muyunda— “Seed and Biotechnology Challenges to Seed Trade” 
  • Justin Rakotoarisaona—“Regulatory Frameworks for Seed and Biotechnology in Africa”

Session 3 Wednesday April 28 3:30-4:30  (Audio MP3)

  • Agnes Mwang'ombe
  • Closing Panel Discussion
  • Closing Remarks